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In the heart of Havana is the ice cream parlor Coppelia, which over the years has become a key gathering spot for locals and tourists. Inspired by its magnetic appeal, Cuban-born partner Beatriz de Armas who cherished her childhood memories of many family visits to the popular destination, set out to capture the same spirit, to share it with New Yorkers and provide a cozy, all-day-and-night gathering place for family and friends.

Together with partners chef Julian Medina, and Louis Skibar, they created NYC’s own Coppelia, a Latin diner with a Cuban essence, in the heart of Manhattan’s most dynamic crossroads —Chelsea, Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District. Since opening in 2011, Coppelia’s 24/7 neon sign glows through the night always welcoming the morning. It’s the perfect place for early birds and all-night revelers, lunchtime meetings and dinner catch-ups.

To immerse guests in the unique atmosphere, there is a soda fountain, counter service, booth seating, antique fans and pastel-colored walls evoking a sleepy Havana hideaway, drawing visitors from near and far with its lively energy, welcoming vibe, delectable Latin cuisine along with homemade ice creams, milkshakes and selectable desserts by chef Medina.

Our finishing touch goes to resident Mixologist Miguel Maldonado with his innovative nightly cocktails made especially for our loyal patrons —who always return the next day to restart the adventure.

Coppelia is the quintessential place to gather, meet, and enjoy great food; it is NYC’s anytime meeting place.

Coppelia my 24/7 friend!